Hi Dr. Gwinnup:

Thanks again for your help this week figuring out and getting my blood pressure down. What a blessing!

Here's a little note referring to my treatments a few years ago. Feel free to use all of it or some of it if it's too long…..

After over a month of increasing digestive problems, being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and being told by other doctors that I might be on heavy medication indefinitely to control the symptoms of this disease at best, I came to Dr. Gwinnup hoping for a better way. Within just three days of my first visit and treatment, I began to see the first signs of improvement. Through continued consultation and encouragement from Dr. Gwinnup and a disciplined approach to my diet, I was on my way to full recovery within a few months.

Three years later, I am still healthy and feel great without ever taking any medication. I owe an immense debt of gratitude to Dr. Gwinnup and Holistic Care of Charleston for helping me overcome an extreme illness, naturally, and for turning me on to a healthier diet and lifestyle.



Dear Dr. Gwinnup,

To my dear friend, mentor, chiropractor, and staunch advocate/practitioner of holistic care, you have given me a quality of life that seemed impossible 11 years ago.

In 1993 the Chief Gastroenterologist of the U.S. Navy at Bethesda advised me that I would be lucky to live 5 years because of uncontrolled, steroid dependent ulcerative colitis. Basically my body was a host for inflammation in areas and internal organs too numerous to mention. Complicating my problem were side effects from necessary steroids, which radically reduced my bone density to marginal levels and had detrimental effects on heart function requiring close blood pressure control.

Through a comprehensive program of chiropractic care, diet & supplement formulation, allergy intervention via NAET, consultation on an exercise program, and constant encouragement, my quality of life has improved amazingly. My ulcerative colitis has been in complete remission for about 5 years, steroids & blood pressure medication have been eliminated, bone density is back in the "green", and this spring I was released from rheumatology clinic at VAMC Charleston with a clean bill of health and virtual elimination of all inflammation.

When I started seeing Dr. Gwinnup, I was required to utilize 12 prescription medications. That number has been reduced to 4. Holistic Medicine has worked marvelously for me. It is a major component of my over all health care and will continue to allow me to enjoy a quality of life.

With admiration and my deepest respects,

John O.